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Kindly check the list of beta readers by group name at this post. :D


Author/Pen name: riikushi
Genre: fluff, romance, M-PREG, OC children
JE Group: Arashi
Pairings/Characters: Ohmiya, and arashi friendship
Rating: PG
Contact Info: PM via livejournal
You need your fic to be checked for: (x)spelling (x)grammar (x)characterization (x)pacing (x)overall plot
Other things you need to say: I have an OHMIYA mpreg fic which come from a true story with a change character here in there, the fic length almost 5.000 words, and the most important thing is MY ENGLISH CAPABILITY IS ZERO, so if someone can help me beta my fic maybe need an extra patience because of my stupidity. yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^

Frequently Asked Questions

Since this community has been on hiatus for a while, and since there are always new fanfic writers (also new Johnny's groups and units ;D ) so we figured that an FAQ post is needed. Here you go, frequently asked questions about beta-reading and this community!

(Actually, not really, I just made up the list on my own, no one asked me questions, but well, I think this will be needed? Ahaha.)
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Welcome (Back) to JE Beta!

Greetings! :D

Welcome (back) to JE Beta! This community has been on hiatus for long, but we're not dead! As long as there are JE fanfiction writers out there, as long as there are readers who want to help those writers, we'll be glad to give the service to you!

(Well, the previous maintainers have been too busy to keep this community running properly, but hey! That's the reason you see me posting on here! Yay! No yay? Yay!)

Is an introduction necessary? Oh well, then. My name is Di, and along with my friend gurajiorasu (I know her username is rather hard to spell so you guys can just call her Ari), will be your moderators for some time ahead! :)

The old rules still apply, some of the old ways are still used, and we have updated some things accordingly. Go to this post for the new posting form (don't worry, we have updated the links on this community, but if you see something we missed, please don't hesitate to tell us!) and go ahead, meet the beta of your dream! :D

We also created an FAQ post for you who want to know more about what the hell is going on around here. :D

The masterlist of beta readers is still under reconstruction (we need to contact the people listed since it's been a while) and we will update you when we've done it!

PS: We are aware that there are other beta services that are currently running at this time. With this we also want to say it again to you guys that we are open for affiliation. So feel free to contact us if you want to do so! We do bite, but please don't worry about that. ;D


Posting Guide!

Welcome to the new form post! Here are the forms for posting, please create your post accordingly! :D

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For safety reasons, the default media to contact each other is by LJ PM by default so please make sure that you can receive PM.

***Willing to Beta***

Name: ivenclaire
Genre you're willing to beta: Any genre
Genre you're NOT willing to beta: Character Death (I hate sad endings.), Het
JE Group/Pairing you're willing to beta: Any (I'm not picky.)
JE Group/Pairing you're NOT willing to beta: Het Pairings
Type of beta you'd do: I can help you with grammar and spelling.
Contact Info: Please send me a message if you need my help.
Other needed information: I love reading fics but I'm also a bit of a grammar nazi. That's why when I spot something ungrammatical in the fics I read, I cringe a bit. That's also the reason why I'm offering my help here. To those who are in need of a beta, feel free to contact me.


JE Big Bang
Where authors and artists meet!

 Since it seemed like a fun idea, we are here to offer the wonderful opportunity to participate in a Big Bang Challenge for JE fan fiction!
Our challenge is going to need fic authors, fanartists, and betas. We'd love to have you participate!
Author/Pen name: sky_fish7
Genre: AU, comedy, slice of life, fluff (yeah, I guess, yeah xD), smut (uhm yeah, happens), angst (can happen), character death (seldom but possible), I'm open for any genre and sometimes trying new stuff. Most of my works were pretty much romantic, slice of life and comedy-based though I guess with a scent of drama XD
JE Group: Arashi (mostly), NEWS and Kis-My-Ft2 (from time to time) and maybe in the future Kanjani8 as well; I tend to allow some characters to make crossover-appearences
Pairings/Characters: Sakumiya (Arashi), Juntoshi (Arashi), Aimiya (Arashi, seldom), Ohmiya (Arashi, planned, more or less one-sided though), Koyashige (NEWS), Hirosuke (Kis-My-Ft2), others possible
Rating: pretty much everything I guess
Type of beta: grammar, spelling
Contact Info: please contact me via PM!
Other needed information: As I mentioned above, I'm searching for someone who is willing to beta my work with respect to grammar and spelling. I already have a really good beta for plot, characterizatioin but our English is not perfect and so I'm searching for someone with really good English skills who is willing to help me with grammar and spelling (Of course opinions about the plot and character are always welcome but my first beta has the first right about that ^^). It does not have to be on a regular basis, but if someone is willing to help me from time to time I would be really thankful! If you have any further questions, please just ask or if you want to take a look at my work, please visit my journal's fanfiction masterpost!
Thank you very much! =)

Need a beta!

Author/Pen name: alexxasick
Genre: there are different genres, but in general, romance and smut
JE Group: Arashi
Pairings/Characters: aimiya, matsumiya, sakumoto, nino x matsuken
Rating: nc-17
Type of beta: Grammar mainly, but if you can help with  continuity and characterization, it'd be nice
Contact Info: PM me please
Other needed information: There will be a handful of drabbles and a longish one-shot for the fulfilling of my timestamp meme :) please help!

Willing to beta

Name: avya7x
Genre you're wiling to beta: any genre
Genre you're NOT willing to beta: mpreg
JE Group/Pairing you're willing to beta: any pairing
JE Group/Pairing you're NOT willing to beta: akame
Type of beta you'd do: grammar, spelling, characterization
Contact Info: avya7X email: SuperDonghae1989@gmail.com, or PM me
Other needed information: Since I'm not taking any summer classes I have a lot of free time.

Willing to Beta

Name: ambrosse

Genre you're willing to beta: Absolutely any genre. However, my favorites are angst and horror. I can handle all ratings as well.

Genre you're NOT willing to beta: Het and crossovers

JE Group/Pairing you're willing to beta: Arashi (all pairings)

JE Group/Pairing you're NOT willing to beta: None

Type of beta you'd do: Proofreading, editing, brainstorming and plot discussion. Basically I can do anything you need to me to do. I have experience in writing tutoring so I can be very helpful :3

Contact info: PM me please and we can get things set up.

Other needed information: I am out of school (finally) so I have some free time. My usual turn-around is 1-3 days, however, depending on the circumstances, it can take up to 5 days. I usually work through email and I use Microsoft Office to make comments. I also supply an summary of what I've noticed, suggest be changed, etc when I email the Beta'd piece back.

Welcome to JE_Beta.

This community was found by shardaunei after her search for a beta reader specific for the Johnny's Entertainment fandom. She found hers after much search, and she wondered how many other writers out there might be looking for one but don't know where.

Now, look no more, because we're here for that exact purpose! Either you're a fanfic writer or you like to read fanfic and wonder for ways to make writers write better, this is the place for you!

Of course, we need to set some ground rules to keep things rolling around here... So here you go!

Rule number one! No posting of fics here. This is for finding beta readers only.

Rule number two! Please use the posting form located at this post.

Rule number three! Let's have fun and please respect each other! :D

In case you feel like you want to give us suggestions, we'll gladly accept those! Please leave a comment at this post for suggestions! :D

For more info, kindly check the community's profile. :D

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