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Author/Pen name: riikushi
Genre: fluff, romance, M-PREG, OC children
JE Group: Arashi
Pairings/Characters: Ohmiya, and arashi friendship
Rating: PG
Contact Info: PM via livejournal
You need your fic to be checked for: (x)spelling (x)grammar (x)characterization (x)pacing (x)overall plot
Other things you need to say: I have an OHMIYA mpreg fic which come from a true story with a change character here in there, the fic length almost 5.000 words, and the most important thing is MY ENGLISH CAPABILITY IS ZERO, so if someone can help me beta my fic maybe need an extra patience because of my stupidity. yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^

Welcome to JE_Beta.

This community was found by shardaunei after her search for a beta reader specific for the Johnny's Entertainment fandom. She found hers after much search, and she wondered how many other writers out there might be looking for one but don't know where.

Now, look no more, because we're here for that exact purpose! Either you're a fanfic writer or you like to read fanfic and wonder for ways to make writers write better, this is the place for you!

Of course, we need to set some ground rules to keep things rolling around here... So here you go!

Rule number one! No posting of fics here. This is for finding beta readers only.

Rule number two! Please use the posting form located at this post.

Rule number three! Let's have fun and please respect each other! :D

In case you feel like you want to give us suggestions, we'll gladly accept those! Please leave a comment at this post for suggestions! :D

For more info, kindly check the community's profile. :D

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